8.11. Many people both are against both censorship and Falun Gong (我要民主,但是我还要禁止法轮功)

Ciro know that, and that supporting FLG is "bad" for his public image with most Chinese, including those that are against censorship.

But without censorship, there will be democracy, and with democracy FLG followers will have voting rights, and FLG will become legal.

Ciro thinks that the situation is very similar to Scientology in the USA today: most people dislike it, but believe that you can believe whatever you want.

Isn’t it convenient when a dictatorship gets rid of those weirdos for you? But not so much when suddenly you or your family is the weirdo…​

If you are not ready to accept the beliefs of others, dictatorship is the only choice for you.

It is also interesting to note how Falun Gong is a good source of Censorship circumvention (翻墙, 科学上网) material.

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