5.12.10. Doesn’t Ciro Santilli have anything better to do than pissing off China? (除了反对中共以外,三西猴有没有别的更好的事儿要作吗?)

The Internet gives everyone the magic power of writing something, and having million people read it for free!

This is how much time Ciro spends on this project to give you an idea:

Then Ciro just contributes to programming websites exactly as he would if he weren’t making this campaign, and voila.

What has happened more and more is that Ciro has been expanding resources by short burst rather than continuously. This began especially at the end of 2019 and start of 2020 was such as hot year with 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests (反对逃犯条例修订草案运动) and Censorship of the 2019 Corona Virus (2019冠状病毒病早期迹象审查).

But Ciro only works on this when his brain was too tired of technical stuff and unable to do more, or as a brain warm up routine in the morning. So it doesn’t take any work time away from him.

Telling the CCP to fuck off is surprisingly relaxing, you should try it some time too. It uses a different part of your brain other than the programming one. It is, one could say, an art form.