5.5.3. Non-Chinese people have been brainwashed by the USA know nothing about China (非中国人被美国洗脑,对中国一无所知)

Everyone is "brainwashed" by their environment.

E.g. people in the West are brainwashed to believe in democracy, freedom of speech and human rights.

Saying that "someone is not Chinese, he does not understand China", is just an useless Ad hominem (訴諸人身) argument and closely related to Non-Chinese people should not interfere in Chinese politics (外国人不应该干预中国政治).

Since you know so much about China, why why don’t you just actually prove your point by teaching Ciro one single interesting about China that Ciro didn’t know about? He loves learning new things.

But please, link to reference material instead of just saying it, it will be much more convincing.

But if you are Chinese, also consider that you have been brainwashed by the commies, so likely much more than Ciro since you live in a dictatorship.

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