9.1. CCP-Vatican deal (中共-梵蒂冈协议, 2018)

In January 2018, the Church was close to negotiating a deal with China that allows China to have more control over the underground churches and allows the Vatican to have more control over the appointment of bishops. While this did not amount to the establishment of formal diplomatic ties, this was seen as a huge step towards formal recognition.[21] However, Joseph Zen Ze-kiun regarded the warming of diplomatic relationships as selling out the Catholic Church in China, as the process involves the resignation of several bishops of the underground church.

Pope CCP deal
Figure 144. Rebel Pepper (变态辣椒, RFA cartoonist) 2018-09 cartoon showing the Pope Francis (方济各教宗) with a Christian cross containing the Hammer and Sickle communist symbol, in reference to one of the accords that the Vatican struck with the Chinese government. Source.