5.19.3. china-dictatorship reply bot

Due to the nature of Asymmetric information warfare (不对称信息战), Ciro has created a reply bot based on GitHub Actions that does the above automatically, therefore handling 99% of the work, see:

The bot works beautifully because it makes Ciro not feel the need to reply to every idiot Wumao (五毛) that comes along. Also Ciro can hide like a coward behind the bot by editing the bot’s comment, which is perfect. This reminded Ciro from something that was said in Better Call Saul S01 E01:

And they find themselves in a little room with a detective who acts like he’s their best friend.

"Talk to me," he says. "Help me clear this thing up."

"You don’t need a lawyer, only guilty people need lawyers."

And, boom, hey, that’s when it all goes south.

That’s when you want someone in your corner.

Someone who will fight tooth and nail.

Lawyers, we’re like health insurance.

You hope you never need it, but, man, oh, man, not having it? No.

The bot is basically Ciro’s lawyer, always loyally on his corner of the fighting ring.

There is only one bug with the bot as of 2021: if a Wumao (五毛) with unverified email makes several comments very fast, only the first one generates the reply, see e.g.:

Ciro is however curious how those unverified accounts can comment at all, as that seemd impossible when he last tried it with a dummy account, to be confirmed.