42. Chinese cheatsheet (中文备忘单)

Single author open source Pleco + "Remembering Simplified Hanzi" in a single .adoc file? Let’s go.

We’d use https://rtega.be/chmn/ as basis if it weren’t for the NO in CC-BY-NO-SA? But that NO is evil, what the heck does it even mean to gain money from something? Too restrictive.

Format will be very constant, database like. Would therefore be cool to parse it from the Asciidoctor into a proper database as a way to verify and allow third party usage.

Base mnemonic components can come more or less directly from the 214 Kangxi radicals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kangxi_radical

One key principle is that characters and words often don’t have a well translatable meaning: the minimal always translatable unit is a sentence: Chinese sentences!

You can’t fully learn a language by learning words and characters alone, you must learn sentences.