9. Christianity (基督教)

The commies are not a fan. But as someone once told me: the commies are not a fan of a bunch of things!

As mentioned at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_China there are only a few state approved churches under total CCP control, and the others are forbidden. For example one of them is called the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association! God and CCP on the same sentence. Pope Pius XII excommunicated people from that organization who were appointing new Bishops!

Last Supper arrest
Figure 141. Rebel Pepper (变态辣椒, RFA cartoonist) 2018-09 cartoon showing Jesus and the Apostles in the Last Supper being arrested by CCP guards. Source.
Last Supper Mao
Figure 142. Cartoon by Zhang Hongtu (张宏图) showing Mao Zedong (毛泽东, 1954–1976) and other communist officials at the Last Supper (最后的晚餐) instead of Jesus and the Apostles. Source.
Taihu church Christmas reveillon permission 2020
Figure 143. Permission papers filled to the brim with government stamps required for the Taihu Catholic Church (太湖天主堂) from Wuxi (无锡市) to hold their annual Christmas Reveillon reunion. This is the CCP's version freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. Also mentioned at: https://bitterwinter.org/christmas-was-not-allowed-but-brought-china-a-lot-of-money/ from Bitter Winter (寒冬). Source. TODO original social media post from the church.
Church demolition
Figure 144. Golden Lampstand Church (金灯台教堂) church in Shanxi Province (山西省) being demolished in January 2018. Source.
https://youtu.be/wthHB3iTC7M?t=556 Nazi Jew deleted scene from Life of Brian (布莱恩的一生, 1979). If you want to stop Christianity (基督教), don’t put them in jail like the dictators. Do it the same way you stop dictators: with comedy. Otherwise, the dictators remain in power, and next person in jail, will be you. The secret Life of Brian (2007) is a good documentary about it.
https://youtu.be/tRr_1U9EvWI "How China uses intimidation, negotiation to bring Christians under its control" by CBC News: The National (2018). Talks about the Pope’s deal with the CCP. Shows some good footage of a house church with a guard in front of the door.