5.2.2. Communist bread (中共面包)

Earliest sources found so far are from Reddit:

English text:

Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs Bread

Chinese text:



The Chinese people don’t eat this trick
The United States is not qualified to
Take the high ground and look down on China
Chocolate sauce bread
Best before: 10 days

Here is a different picture of the same product from April 14th: https://twitter.com/YukayuyuWasGod/status/1382218316895244295 That one might allow better brand identification: 万X福 That one also posted at: https://www.reddit.com/r/China_irl/comments/o2zbsw/偶然看到这张图不知道是不是真的/ Watermarked Weibo @第三豹弹

Stop interfering in China s internal affairs bread
Figure 3. Chinese dual-use bread. More info at: Communist bread (中共面包).
Stop interfering in China s internal affairs bread
Figure 4. Communist bread vs Communist condom. Someone made a brilliant communist condom Photoshop reply to the Communist bread (中共面包). Pointed out at: https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/issues/523 and a previous source at: https://weibo.com/5586291457/K9Vg7ceM7?type=comment#_rnd162900969912. Part of the joke is that the Chinese message reads "中国人不吃这一套" (The Chinese people won’t fall for this trick, literally "don’t eat this trick"), and "套" is the last character for condom in Chinese (避孕套), so the sentence is recast as "The Chinese people won’t eat this condom.". "套" more generally means a type of "slip-on cover or envelope". Ciro Santilli (三西猴, anti-CCP fanatic, 反中共狂热, stupid cunt, 傻屄, CIA agent, CIA特工, 肏你妈的) reposted at: https://www.reddit.com/r/China/comments/p4p3u3/stop_interfering_in_chinas_internal_affairs/ on r/China Reddit sub. As mentioned at https://www.reddit.com/r/China/comments/p4p3u3/stop_interfering_in_chinas_internal_affairs/h90foja the association of the Chinese sentence with condoms had been done independently before this Photoshop emerged, see e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdEQ7JavgLw by GFWfrog (墙国蛙蛤蛤). GFWfrog also twitted this image of course: https://twitter.com/gfwfrog/status/1387121102967672835.