2. Copypasta

Here’s an image/sentence copypasta/summary of key events for the Screen name keyword attack (网名审查关键字攻击).

Another advantage of this is that since it comes first in the repo, it ensures that key elements show up on github.com despite file size cutups: https://github.com/isaacs/github/issues/1610.

Each summary section contains a link to the main section, which contains sources and description of each image.

编程随想 Programthink


社会主义核心价值观 Core socialist values

Core socialist values

水浒传 Water margin

Water Margin tribute to dissidents

我喜欢我的独裁制度 I like my dictatorship

Anonymous middle fingers
Immoral and uneducated
Immoral and uneducated en
Pig politics Chinese
Rebel pepper pig can%27t eat democracy cartoon translated to English by Ciro Santilli

六四事件 Tiananmen square protests 1989


Tiananmen students sitting
Tank Man
Tiananmen crushed dead

法轮功 Falun Gong 1999 70M believer religion banned

Falun Gong Guangzhou
Falun Gong lady silenced

新疆改造中心 Xinjiang re-education camps 2018

Xinjiang prisoners sitting identified
Xinjiang prisoners march
Uyghur sale website
Xinjiang camp in camp

小熊维尼 Winnie the Pooh 2018

Xi Pooh Obama
Xi Abe Pooh
Xi Jinping heart

郝海东 Hao Haidong Chinese soccer superstar turns against the CCP 2020

Hao Haidong kick

冠状病毒审查 Censorship of the 2019 Corona Virus

Li Wenliang covid

基督迫害 Christian persecution 2018

Church demolition
Last Supper Mao
Pope CCP deal

LGBT权利 The suppression of homosexuality

Tiananmen lesbian kiss
Addicted bed



Gay Putin

Gay Putin

The poisoning of Alexei Navalny 2020

Navalny hospital sitting

Vajiralongkorn Hamtaro

Side by side comparison between Thai king Vajiralongkorn and Hamtaro
Thai king crop top