5.12.7. Does Ciro Santilli hate China? (三西猴讨厌中国吗?)

On the contrary. China has his favorite:

As Bjarne said:

There are only two kinds of programming languages: those people always bitch about and those nobody uses

Ciro only focus here on negative things to provide content that will activate the Great Firewall.

A small poem:


Support the Chinese people, oppose the Party
Love the country, hate the Party

Yuyuan garden door
Figure 59. Round gate at Yu Garden (豫园) in Shanghai. The large characters on top read (left to right) "流翠" TODO not sure about the second character, understand reference. Ciro Santilli (三西猴, anti-CCP fanatic, 反中共狂热, stupid cunt, 傻屄, CIA agent, CIA特工, 肏你妈的) thinks that Chinese gardens (中国园林) are amazing!!! Source.