5.4. Will the keyword attacks really help to destroy the firewall? (关键字攻击真的有助于破坏防火墙吗?)

It is both unlikely, and hard to be sure.

Just like it is unlikely that the activity of on individual can have a big influence in any group of 1 billion people.

Every action is statistical: I just push the balance a little bit towards freedom.

This FAQ and any talk is useless. You and I are wasting our time here.

The possibility of blocking Stack Overflow and GitHub is 1000x more useful than any talk, but it is still useless.

However, potentially blocking those websites takes 0 of my time, I just leave the content there, so it is worth my time.

To have an idea, in 2015 there are about:

And if we never start somewhere, nothing will ever happen.

Furthermore, even if the GFW falls, it is not clear that this will imply the end of the dictatorship: Would ending the Great Firewall truly end the dictatorship? (结束防火墙真的会结束独裁吗?).

Nobody can hear you
Figure 22. House of Cards S01E02 "Nobody can hear you. Nobody cares about you. Nothing will come of this." GIF. Source.