11.1. Everyone can feel that a profound change is underway by Li Guangman (2021, 李光满《每个人都能感受到,一场深刻的变革正在进行!》)

Political essay reposted by major Chinese government media (中国政府媒体):

The hole thing is about exerting greater state control on everything, a trend that has been observed as of August 2021, notably on the media.

The damning Gay rights (LGBT权利) sentence appears to be:


which translates as:

Completely put an end to the phenomenon of sissies and teen idols in the social character, and truly make the entertainment, art, and film and television circles upright and upright.

the slang keywords being:

  • 娘炮: sissy

  • 小鲜肉: teen idols (lit. little fresh meat)

The author Li Guangman (李光满) was not notable enough yet to have a Wikipedia page, not even Baidu Baike (百度百科, Chinese censored Wikipedia clone), so Zhihu (知乎, censored Quora clone, 审查 Quora 克隆) for now: https://www.zhihu.com/question/60685910

It should be noted that the homophobia is just a tiny fraction of the essay, which is much more generally about the state taking more control over everything, including culture, and sparking fears of a second Cultural Revolution (文化大革命, 1966-1976).