47.2.2. Federal List of Extremist Materials (Федеральный список экстремистских материалов)

Unlike the Chinese, they have a public list, each entry had a numerical ID even. This is the best thing ever made! The dream for keyword attackers!

Most of it appears to be anti/Comparisons between the CCP and Nazi Germany (纳粹德国和中共长得很想), and notably anti-anti-semitic but several items are purely political anti-freedoms.

One wonders if the majority of the items are just fillers to hide the really juicy anti-freedom ones.

We need to make a GitHub mirror of all of those some day!

The list: http://minjust.gov.ru/ru/extremist-materials Here’s an archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20200817142035/http://minjust.gov.ru/ru/extremist-materials/export.csv?attach=page. The website has a CSV for download with all entries at the bottom. Enca says the encoding is "MS-Windows code page 1251", convert to UTF-8 with:

iconv -f WINDOWS-1251 -t UTF-8//IGNORE export.csv

//IGNORE is needed because their fucking CSV export has a bug and otherwise iconv stops at the first error.

From this we can grep, and then to overcome translation limits as there is no offline option yet: https://askubuntu.com/questions/380847/is-it-possible-to-translate-words-via-terminal, dump your selection on a gist and use Google translate on the Gist.

A website "dedicated" to bypassing censorship of the list: http://zapretno.info/. TODO much of that website’s content is not clearly marked as being on the list.

Some notable additions: