5.6.4. Does Ciro Santilli support Falun Gong just because his wife and mother-in-law do it? (三西猴是否仅仅因为他的妻子和岳母就支持法轮功?)

Not consciously, Ciro thinks would likely support them even if I didn’t have family ties to Falun Gong (法轮功, Qigong new religion/cult).

Likely he wouldn’t have started this campaign if he didn’t know them of course.

But of course, this is impossible to answer objectively.

Wouldn’t you be rather upset if your mother in law were put into jail unfairly for 15 days?

But don’t you think that 70 million people (6% of the total population in 2000!) getting completely squashed by the Party illustrates extremely well the dangers of the dictatorship?

Or if a Jew has escaped a concentration camp and told the world about its horrors, would you just dismiss their claims due to their biased opinion?

With that in mind, Ciro tries his best to give FLG only the right level of exposure I think it deserves relative to other events, according to these guidelines: How does Ciro Santilli choose keywords for the keyword attack? (三西猴如何为关键词攻击选择关键词?).

If more recent events of mass human rights violations happen, especially affecting in the order of tens of million people, I will probably rank higher than Falun Gong, this was the case for Xinjiang in 2019 for example, even though it only affected a measly million.