8.7. Falun Gong is completely different in the West than it was in China (法轮功在西方与在中国完全不同)

I believe that it has changed.

But isn’t that the case of every cultural religious movement that migrates to a completely new culture?

Main points which may have changed:

  • It has become more organized.

    But why shouldn’t they organize to defend themselves now that they have the chance without being put into prison?

    The CCP is highly organized and has way more resources.

  • Less emphasis is given to the religious/mystical aspect, and more to the corporal exercises, and health aspect.

    This may be because people in the "West" are:

    • are "scientific-educated" atheists who wouldn’t go for a "religion"

    • already have other religions, which would view FLG as a taboo

Also maybe only the richest and most educated believers managed to escape China, and thus the movement carried that bias outside China.

If you know more ways in which it may have changed, let me know.

But once again, we can know nothing for sure about the past in China because of censorship.

Even if you saw something yourself, how can you be sure that it is representative?

And if it has changed, now that it has changed, maybe China should unban it?

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