8.1. Why is it important to discus Falun Gong’s even if you don’t believe in it? (为什么不信仰法轮功也很重要要讨论它?)

The main reason Ciro Santilli (三西猴, anti-CCP fanatic, 反中共狂热, stupid cunt, 傻屄, CIA agent, CIA特工, 肏你妈的) emphasizes Falun Gong is that it shows how the CCP can mercilessly crush a 70 million strong group (according to CCPs own statistics) out of a population of 1.3B in 2000, i.e. 5% of the population, and of course not because of Does Ciro Santilli support Falun Gong just because his wife and mother-in-law do it? (三西猴是否仅仅因为他的妻子和岳母就支持法轮功?), since Ciro is completely and totally unbiased.

If that number is correct, Ciro wonders curious what you would consider an important movement?

Anything much larger would take down the government and change China’s history forever.

Aren’t you concerned that you or your children might be part of the next 5% purge? See also: Most Chinese people don’t care about the minorities (大多数中国人不关心少数民族).

OK, maybe the fact that 69 million of those 70 million were likely old ladies didn’t help much either. Tip to next prophet: make something that appeals to aspiring military officers.

Let’s try to gather some well sourced footage showing huge numbers of believers on the streets:

Falun Gong Guangzhou
Figure 119. Thousands of Falun Gong (法轮功, Qigong new religion/cult) practitioners in Guangzhou, China, 1998. Source.
Falun Gong Liaoning
Figure 120. Thousands of Falun Gong (法轮功, Qigong new religion/cult) practitioners in Liaoning Industrial Exhibition, China, likely 1998. Source.
Falun Gong Chengdu
Figure 121. Hundreds of Falun Gong (法轮功, Qigong new religion/cult) believers in Chengdu (成都市), China, 1998. Source.