8.15. Someone from movement X did something bad, therefore the movement should be banned (X运动中的某个人做了坏事,因此该运动应该被禁止)

By this logic, everyone should go to jail. The law should only punish individuals.

The communist party, which has had continuous power since 1949, killed millions during the Cultural Revolution (文化大革命, 1966-1976). Surely they must be banned, no?

Ciro agrees. And so has Falun Gong.

Or if you like shitty movies: Minority Report (2002).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfTJV-8rtxE review of the A (1998) documentary film about the Aum Shinrikyo (奥姆真理教) Japanese cult that made the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995. As mentioned at Is Falun Gong a cult? (法轮功是邪教吗?), Ciro Santilli does consider Falun Gong a peaceful cult, unlike Aum. But even then, Ciro is against the loss of rights of Aum members that were never convicted of any crime, and were possibly also not aware of any crimes that were committed, as shown in this documentary.