8.13. I have personally seen people do bad things because of Falun Gong

Either direct suicide or dying because of not taking medication.

First, I’m not saying I don’t believe you, and I’m sorry about what happened.

But your testimony is worthless unless you give the following:

  • clear unique personal identification

    This is because the CCP has thousands of wumaos who could make fake reports.

    There are basically two ways to do that:

    1. your testimony is done in video form on YouTube clearly showing your face as you make it

    2. links between a notable social media presence that is hard to achieve, e.g. Twitter with many followers, Stack overflow with a lot of rep, and the account

      Either of those must contain / link to information that uniquely identifies you. Generally, full name, city and date of birth is enough.

  • a precise testimony that states exactly what you saw happen with your own eyes, or heard from people that are very close to you.

    The testimony must include:

    • when the events happened

    • where they happened, in which city at the very least

    • the full names of who did what

    This is to:

    • make it easier to verify the truth of the event

    • uniquely identify the event so we don’t count a single event multiple times

If you do provide all of the above, I add your report to a list of reports that I will maintain. This list does not exist yet because there were no valid reports yet.

Next consider this:

  • are you sure that Falun Gong made the person do the bad thing, and that the person wouldn’t have done it anyway?

    Did someone from Falun Gong told the person to do it?

    I bet that if you look into patients of psychiatrists, you will find more suicides than average. So should we ban psychiatry?

  • are you sure that the order came from LHZ, and that it was not just some disgruntled local leader using Falun Gong for his personal madness and doing things he did not approve?

    Branch Davidians were inspired by Christianity (基督教). So should we ban Christianity? What about the majority of Christians who have never done anything bad?

  • only statistics have any meaning, and it would require a very large number of reports to make up statistics, so you will likely be wasting your time. I will do my part and maintain a list however.

  • if we ask for FLG believers to compile a list of horrors they have suffered, which they have already been doing since the start of the persecution, I bet that their list will be much longer than yours, because they are so well organized