8.20.3. History of Falun Gong 法轮功历史

A few non-religious non-CCP resources can be found at:

but those are very rare, because where else would the information come form, right?

Some key events:

  • 1989: initial private beta courses. TODO key interesting moment.

  • 1992-05-13: initial public lecture at the 1992 International Health Exposition in Beijing, and opening main academy on No. 5 Middle School in Changchun, Jilin (吉林) (capital).

    TODO what did he talk about on that Beijing day. This day still celebrated in 2020 as "Falun Dafa Day", in which the major international "Experience Sharing Conference" happens in New York.

    He apparently also taught at Chaoyang Park in Changchun: https://goo.gl/maps/BFwKs2xr48AMUAbx8