Holocaust denial (犹太人大屠杀否定论)

Holocaust denial cartoon by Francoise Pichard
Figure 105. Holocaust denial cartoon by far-right cartoonist Françoise Pichard was a runner-up the Iranian International Holocaust Cartoon Competition of 2006, which obviously aimed at discrediting Israel. The cartoon shows two Hasidic Judaism[Hasidic jews] and reads in French: "Qui l’a mis par terre? Faurisson. Myth des chambres a gaz" which can be translated as: "Who put it down? Faurisson. Myth of the gas chambers (毒气室)". Farisson is a reference to famous French holocaust denier Robert Faurisson. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP, 中国共产党, 1949-, Cult of Mao/Xi, 毛习邪教, 10.000 year Reich) is doing the same as of 2020 in Xinjiang, e.g. through works such as "Blood Cotton Initiative" by wuheqilin. Source.
Holocaust denial cartoon vs Palestine
Figure 106. Holocaust denial cartoon suggesting that the Holocaust killed much less than Israel did during the Palestinian conflict TODO confirm artist, source image address suggests Moroccan Naji Benaji. Palestine is a tragedy, also mentioned at Israel (以色列), but trying to justify its horrors by comparing it to the horrors of other countries. We must recognize and fight against injustices of all countries. One injustice cannot justify the other. Source.