ICP license 非经营性网站备案 (2000)

Part of the Internet censorship machine, although it predates the GFW proper.

It can be seen at the bottom of many many many websites, it is likely mandatory to display it.

If you see one of those, you already know that it cannot be trusted for politics.

京 ICP 备 13052560 号 - 1

where "京" indicates that the certificate was issued by the Beijing Provincial level city.

In 2014, almost 15 years later, Russia (俄罗斯) finally caught up, what a relief: Mandatory registration of Russian bloggers (2014).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH_tiIAk5Q8 Missing typewriter scene from The Lives of Others (2016) (竊聽風暴). The Wikipedia page for Samizdat (Soviet underground propagation of censored materials, 秘密出版物, самиздат) mentions that: "All Soviet-produced typewriters and printing devices were officially registered, with their typographic samples collected right at the factory and stored in the government directory." This reminded Ciro of this movie set in East Germany, in which finding a typewriter plays as big role as evidence of authorship of subversive materials. In the movie, the typewriter was not present under the floor boards as had been informed by the Leading Lady who betrayed her lover, the Leading Man, under duress. The typewriter had been previously secretly removed by a disgruntled intelligence officer who turns against the censorship and surveillance system in the middle of the film. The disgruntled officer is then fired/has his career stalled by his colleagues, who suspect him but have no direct evidence, and the Leading Man, after investigating how the machine could have disappeared, eventually discovers the identify of the officer, but ends up not meeting him, as he would not know what to say. Just another story of the horrors of the surveillance state.