5.1.3. Screen name keyword attack (网名审查关键字攻击)

A keyword consists of adding censored words to your username: https://stackoverflow.com/users/895245

This only works on websites that show usernames everywhere.

This then leads to your username appearing on thousands of pages, depending on how much you contribute to the website.

It is also possible to do it with images, although this is less effective in taking down websites since images are harder for the firewall to track automatically. But:

  • they are more memorable than words

  • they also work on websites like GitHub where your real name does not show on most pages, only slug

so maybe the most effective approach is to use both keywords and images to get the best of both worlds ;-)

This type of attack is essentially an Embargoes make dictatorships stronger (禁运使独裁更强大), and it is especially effective in websites that contain valuable technical content, such as Stack Overflow and GitHub.

See also:

Some non-screen name ones: * https://tatoeba.org/en/sentences/show/6620655, that site is open source BTW, great initiative: https://github.com/Tatoeba/tatoeba2

Some people say don’t shift where you eat. Ciro says: bring a shitbucket to the canteen, and start a shitfight.

Chrysanthemum Xi Jinping with black red liusi added by Ciro Santilli
Figure 2. Chrysanthemium Xi Jinping (菊花习近平, 2015) has been used by Ciro Santilli as a profile picture censored image attack