27.12.2. Knowlesys (乐思软件)

Social Media as Weapons
Figure 280. Slide from a presentation of the Knowlesys Hong Kong social media censorship/misinformation company with words "Social Media as Weapons", "Your Enemy", leaked by the CCP_Unmasked hacker group on 2020/08/20, possible Telegram (TG) account: https://t.me/ccp_unmasked. The leaks also contained data on Yunrun Big Data Service, a company based in Guangzhou, and OneSight, based in Beijing. From this hack they apparently also managed obtained passwords used by those companies to manage CCP social media, and they posted some messages about their efforst through those accounts. Western countries have also used terrorism as an excuse way to reduce privacy/start wars, but of course, things are much worse in dictatorships where there is no freedom of speech, related The CCP exaggerates the threat of the West to keep in power (中共夸大了西方要继续掌权的威胁). Source.