Let’s make a mini series about Li Hongzhi’s life (让我们制作一个关于李洪志生平的迷你系列)

Ciro can’t help but to imagine how Falun Gong came about in detail.

Someone should write a "The Last Temptation of Christ".

This deserves an American miniseries like Chernobyl.

It would manage to piss off both FLG and the CCP, which would be amazing. It is a shame that it is so difficult to find good historical information between the infinite barrages of CCP and FLG propaganda.

It could show how:

  • Li was an ordinary dude who could liked to play the trumpet, which partially explains his focus on Shen Yun and Falun Gong musical street parades

  • Li first heard about Qi Gong, and went to practice it under some dude. Then how he saw other people were so into it, and decided to take this opportunity to make a career out of it during the 80’s

  • how he met his wife and had a daughter

  • how he started to notice how people were feeling things during the exercise classes, and started suggesting more and more metaphysics to these first disciples

  • Li could also have some metaphysical moment, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW20LbwAmng but at the same time, he must tell his followers some lies which he does not believe

  • how followers started telling others things and "experience sharing" where the cycle of belief stats to take off

  • a clear demonstration of how "A group of early adopters in Changchun became disenchanted after Li forbade his followers from charging fees for the practice at the end of 1994" showing dissent within the cult

  • and finally, the immigration and crackdown, and how he put his fingers on those things, and the creation of media, this could be the last episode

Episodes could be split along:

  • Episode 1: pre Qi Gong, shows Childhood, workplaces, early motivations. Ends with first contact with a Qi Gong lesson

  • Episode 2: early Falun Gong. Opens an academy. Starts without metaphysics, but grows into it. Show him knowingly lying, but also seething magic things. The first followers, and top lieutenants. Makes some management mistake, but gets away with it. Could end in a metaphysical scene, or 13 May 1992 initial public lesson. Maybe a scene of Li’s visit to Thailand (泰国) in 1983 (photo from CCP media found on Google).

  • Episode 3: later Falun Gong in China. It grows, show in Chinese news. Power struggles, problems with early lieutenants, and new lieutenants come up. Many people practice on streets. Battle against Zhong Gong (中功, 中华养生益智功, Qigong religion). Near 1996, something tips Li off to the fact that the CCP is going to crack down on them, and so he announces that he will be spreading abroad full time. Check out if this was before or after the first Anti FLG newspaper article in 1996-06-17.

  • Episode 4: preaching outside of China and emigration. American permanent residence in 1998. Watches crackdown on television. International Falun Gong media. Show him at Falun Gong New York "Dragon Springs" complex

Or maybe, never mind that boring post 1992 stuff which is already highly public, instead we could focus only on the more interesting pre-1992 events, and finish in 1992.

So per-early FLG up to 1992, with childhood flashbacks.

The tone should of course be a mixture of:

  • personal insight of the master

  • the love of a follower

  • external view of their shortcomings

Parts of the series could be filmed in Taiwan (Republic of China, 台湾, 中華民國) maybe?

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