45.3. Libya (利比亚)

https://youtu.be/3J6rU3NUMM0?t=3033 HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis (2016) starting at timestamp 50:30 comments on how the United States made Colonel Gaddafi into a fictional supervillain scapegoat, to cover up for their failures in Lebanon, starting by blaming the 1985 Rome and Vienna airport attacks on Libya with great certainty, although Italian secret services said it was Syria who was behind it. Gaddafi then did not deny his involvement, and instead used that publicity to bolster his position as a "world revolutionary", including helping the liberation of blacks in the United States through armed struggle.

In 1986, the USA also accused Libya of the West Berlin discotheque bombing, once again against European intelligence, and this time the USA decided to retaliate as internal political pressure to "do something" increased.