Little pink (小粉紅, 小紅粉, 兔友)

Slang name for brainwashed CCP supporters who are not necessarily paid professional wumaos, notably young, idealistic and enthusiastic ones, Little pink explains the difference between the American dream and the Chinese dream contains a prototypical video example.

兔友 (friend of the rabbit) is another variant referring to: That Rabbit (那兔).


  • 2020-06-29 "小粉红"现象调查 (An investigation of the "Little Pink" phenomenon)

  • 2017 http://www.8bb.com/zaojiao/5264.html "小红粉小粉红是什么 家长发现孩子自称小粉红怎么办" (What is a little pink? If a parent discovers that their children call themselves little pinks, what should they do about it?). Kill them.

Wumao 2011 vs Little Pink 2021
Figure 263. Perceived comparison between Wumao (五毛) and Little pink (小粉紅, 小紅粉, 兔友) suggesting that unpaid Little Pinks are more nationalist and extreme than the paid wumaos, which is not too surprising, considering that they do it for free. A translation is available at: https://www.reddit.com/r/China/comments/ntghfa/a_lot_changed_after_xi_jin_pooh_became_chairman/. https://twitter.com/Inty/status/1376942681956487168[Source].