14.6. Mao Zedong (毛泽东, 1954–1976)

What could be a better reminder that dictatorships are dangerous than the catastrophes that Mao created such as the Great Leap Forward (大跃进, da4 yue4 jin4, 1958-1960) and Cultural Revolution (文化大革命, 1966-1976)?

https://youtu.be/MHFrhIAj0ME?t=926 "The camp was an intense and exciting place, and many of the guerrilla fighters had affairs. Sex was called undisciplined guerilla warfare". TODO Chinese.


Mao Zedong in Yanan
Figure 184. Mao Zedong in Yan’an in the 1930’s thinking deeply. This funny looking picture is meme ready and much loved by Uncyclopedia. Source.
675px Mao Zedong youth art sculpture 4
Figure 185. Young Mao Zedong statue, Changsha, 2009. Another one of the future demolition list.
Figure 186. Mao Zedong LMAO meme
Mao Zedong statue over rubble
Figure 187. Mao Zedong statue over rubble. TODO location/date/event. Some sources: August 2023 r/LOOK_CHINAReddit https://www.reddit.com/r/LOOK_CHINA/comments/15lgrbw/什么灾祸源头/, August 2023 on disp.cc, possibly PTT Bulletin Board System (Taiwanese message board, 批踢踢實業坊) related: https://disp.cc/b/ACG/gnVT