Most Chinese people like their dictatorship (中国大众支持他们的独裁)

One is reminded of the game "We Happy Few" (2018), which which people are forced to be happy. Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Novel (1984, 乔治·奥威尔 一九八四, 1949) also comes to mind of course.

The interesting thing, is that even those pro-CCP are much more likely to stay anonymous because:

  • you never know when something you said will become a sin against some new trend of the dictatorship

  • when the dictatorship inevitably falls, you would be persecuted by the victorious freedom fighters

We cant complain
Figure 28. Westerner: "How is life in China?" Chinese: "Oh, we can’t complain." Westerner: "That’s awesome." Chinese: "No, seriously…​ we can’t." is a word play between the more common "we can’t complain because everything is great" and "we can’t complain because Xi will make us disappear". Source
We cant complain zh
Figure 29. Translation of the above.
Scarfolk public displays of personal distress are unpatriotic
Figure 30. "Public displays of personal distress are unpatriotic" spoof poster by Scarfolk Council (2017). Source.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xoM6-1SWl4&t=1606 The Living Dead Episode 1: On the Desperate Edge of Now by Adam Curtis (1995) comments on how interviews with Hermann Goring (赫尔曼·戈林) during the Nuremberg trials (纽伦堡审判) went: "Again and again, Jackson accused Goring of corruptly using his powers to commit crimes. Each time, Goring replied that such acts might be considered crimes in a democratic state, but that in Germany, democracy had failed. Eliminating the political opposition was necessary, to fulfill a higher principle: that of the Nation. And that it had worked, Goring insisted. It had brought order and prosperity to Germany". Jackson asks: "Well, if you wanted a certain people killed, you would have to have some organization that would kill them didn’t you?". Goring replies: "This was the only possible form of government at the time and it proved that Germany could be pulled out of the abyss of misery, poverty and unemployment and withing a short space of time be made flourish and bloom." This is exactly the justification given by the CCP for oppressing minorities and freedom of speech: the CCP is indistinguishable from the Nazis.
Anonymous middle fingers
Figure 31. Presumed Chinese people giving the middle finger (竖中指) to various Chinese Communist Party (CCP, 中国共产党, 1949-, Cult of Mao/Xi, 毛习邪教, 10.000 year Reich) symbols, most notably Xi Jinping (习近平, 2012-∞, Heil卐!). Even if this was made by the CIA, it perfectly illustrates the point that obviously no one speaks against the CCP because otherwise they will be put in jail. If you are going to do this, for Fuck’s Sake please cover your fingers, like the ones using gloves, or the banknotes, because if the photo resolution is good enough, you could be identified by your fingerprint. A r/China repost. This photo seems to be the result of a campaign started by GFWfrog (墙国蛙蛤蛤) in response to the 100th anniversary of the Party in 2021. This was also explained at: https://chinadigitaltimes.net/chinese/667778.html on China Digital Times (CDT, 中国数字时代, USA government media). Related: Anonymous accounts ban (2017). This project was perhaps inspired by pro CCP images celebrating the 100 years such as https://archive.ph/OJGHl/5f09f24ce2e3f856b08e79cdade72ad2af72e9a0.jpg from https://kknews.cc/culture/gmnl5vy.html on kknews (pro-CCP media). Source.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y2FIqfIpiw (GitHub reupload) Give Xi Jinping (习近平, 2012-∞, Heil卐!) the middle finger silly GIF by GFWfrog (墙国蛙蛤蛤) 给习近平竖中指由墙国蛙蛤蛤傻逼视频. Source.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zndzntIDLFE IGN review of the "We Happy Few" (2018) game.