25.2.1. Chinese National Anthem (义勇军进行曲, 1978)

Because this is a revolutionary song, it contains great protest reusability, e.g. as seen in: 2022-04 https://www.voanews.com/a/china-censors-national-anthem-lyrics-used-as-lockdown-protest-/6539716.html China Censors Chinese National Anthem (义勇军进行曲, 1978) Lyrics Used as Lockdown Protest in the April 2022 Shanghai lockdown on Voice of america (VOA, 美国之音, USA government media), in which the very first verse was censored! 起来!不愿做奴隶的人们! (Stand up! Those who refuse to be slaves!)

Rise up! Those who refuse to be slaves!
With our flesh and blood, let’s build our newest Great Wall!
The Chinese Nation is at its greatest peril,
Each one is forced to let out one last roar.
Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!
We are billions of one heart,
Braving the enemies' fire, March on!
Braving the enemies' fire, March on!
March on! March on! On!


In other sections:

It is funny to note how completely Western and boring the music anthem is! Just another boring march. The opening verse has obviously way too few characters. They didn’t bother to add anything from Chinese traditional music. This just makes it so clear how The CCP exaggerates the threat of the West to keep in power (中共夸大了西方要继续掌权的威胁) is just completely superficial. Do other non-Western countries do better?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlKbg-1_7Bk Chinese National Anthem by Charlie Cook (2017) This crazy dude plays several tunes on trumpet on one hand, while using a handgun for the beat on the other hand.