6.1.2. r/chonglangTV Reddit sub

15k users 2020-03.

Banned 2022-03 for some likely very lightweight "doxxing" that had already been published everywhere. https://www.rfa.org/cantonese/news/reddit-03042022114155.html from Radio Free Asia (RFA, 自由亚洲电台, USA government media) gives more context, translation;

The reason why chonglangTV was blocked was "disclosure of personal information". It is suspected that they have something to do with a "patriotic pink" named "Xu Hao" (徐好) who claimed to be an employee of a bank in Shanghai. "Xu Hao" claimed that he used his power to intercept multiple donations to Ukraine, and was later "opened the box" by netizens. (i.e. starting with personal information).

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