47.1.5. Superputin (Супер Путин)

Meme partially supported by Putin himself, showing how physically strong and manly the president is. A form of personality cult.

Similar to Chuck Norris facts.

"Putin does manly things" photo galleries:


Putin swim
Figure 296. Putin swims Butterfly stroke in a Siberian lake around August 2009. The Telegraph correctly interpreted this as a sign that he would be re-elected in 2012. For reference Lake Baikal in Siberia has a maximum temperature of 14 °C in summer. Other dictators have used similar swim tactics before, the most notable possibly being Mao swim across the Yangtze river (毛主席畅游长江, 1966-07-16). Source.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZzK32Cfcq8 "RASPUTIN - Vladimir Putin - Love The Way You Move (Funk Overload) @slocband" by Pace Audio (2016). Somewhere in the 2010’s the Rasputin 1978 song by Boney M. saw a meme resurgence by adapting the song to refer to Vladmir Putin instead of the original song’s originally intended Grigori Rasputin. This video adds amazing cute animations of Russian scientists trying to create the perfect funk dancing machine, and highlights the Superputin (Супер Путин) meme as Putin himself is the perfect dancing machine in the end.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbBaSfgNJnE Putin is number one greatest president song by Animation Domination High Def (2014). Good graphics, but the song is crap unlike the Rasputin one unfortunately. Many Gay Putin (Гей Путин, 2017) suggestions.