49. Thailand (泰国)

It is a crime to criticize the royal family (Lèse majesté):

I was always convinced that there is no where you should’t go. There are no sacred cows. And if there are, if they are really sacred, let’s see how much we puncture them and see if they still float.

Or in other words:

Vajiralongkorn, you little piece of shit, grow some balls and learn how to take an insult. A man who cannot take an insult is not a man, but a big pussy. _

Everyone who has political power must know how to be laughed at criticized, otherwise dicatorship follows:


Side by side comparison between Thai king Vajiralongkorn and Hamtaro
Thai king prostrated officers
Figure 325. Leading Thai politicians prostrate themselves before Vajiralongkorn in 2016, presumably during his ascension to the throne. Source.
Thai king prostrated wife
Figure 326. Suthida Tidjai, Vajiralongkorn’s wife, prostrated before him during their marriage in 2016 before he officially ascended to the throne. Yes, prostration is a big thing in Thailand. An older king, Rama V, had apparently even abolished this practice in 1873. Clearly, Xi Jinping (习近平, 2012-∞, Heil卐!) could learn a thing or two from a proper monarch like Vajiralongkorn. Source.
Thai king crop top
Figure 327. Thai king Vajiralongkorn wearing a crop top so tight that it could be called a bra, and accompanied by one of his many girlfriends, in a shopping center in Munich. He can wear whatever the fuck wants, but to both wear that and enforce Lèse majesté? That’s the ultimate torture for the Thai people, how can you not make fun of him??? TODO date, exact location, original report. Here is one of the many reports, sample report from 2017 in a British tabloid.