17.7.1. Tiananmen student leaders went to USA and are living just fine (天安门学生领袖去了美国,生活还不错)

Ah, if only wumaos had brains:

  • some were executed

  • some went to prison and remained in China

  • some managed to escape

  • some who managed to escape became part of a American propaganda

Does that make the entire movement wrong?

Why would they stay in China to be thrown in jail or killed, and then have a shitty job until they die?

There were a million people in Tiananmen. We can see it in photos. There was huge desire for democracy.

Aren’t all top CCP people extremelly wealthy, and often sending their children to study abroad, or moving abroad themselves, e.g. Xi Mingze (Xi Jinping’s daughter, 习明泽)?

Think wumaos, think.