5.3.4. Why would democracy and freedom of speech make China less likely to start a war? (为什么民主和言论自由会让中国不太可能发动战争?)

This has been discussed to death:

Some arguments include:

  • the people who will actually fight and die on the front can’t vote against it

  • dictators have huge power, so if they put it in their heads that they want to start a war, it is much harder for sensible people to stop them

  • dictators need to keep the people in fear all the time to keep their power, and a war is a great way to achieve that

Of course China won’t say that they are starting a war when they do.

They will of course start with territories which they claim as theirs, to add to other recent additions which were not theirs until the recent past, even though their inhabitants desperately want to leave China:

When China calls the USA Imperialist (帝国主义), there is of course some truth to it, but it is also very ironic, because as Lindybeige mentions, China is obviously the largest empire on Earth! Despite its uniformization efforts, China is highly diverse since it is obviously made up of a large stitched up carpet of nations that were conquered by a single empire. E.g. Xinjiang (新疆) translates literally as "The New Frontier"! Not to mention obviously the unification of the Warring States period (战国时期, 475-221 BC).


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRmHOSnehTk Ending of the Sportpalast speech, AKA total war (总体战) speech by Goebbels, given in 1943, when Germany started to lose the war. This was later target of opposing allied propaganda. Total war, that’s what dictatorship bring you. Fucking YouTube likely deleted a better uncommented version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRmHOSnehTk it as of 2022, political correctness idiots.