Wei Jingsheng (魏京生, 1950-)

我们要自己掌握自己的命运,不要神仙和皇帝不要相信有什么救世主,我们要做天下的主人,我们不要作独裁统治者扩张野心的现代化工具,我们要人民生活得现代化,人民的民主、自由与幸福,是我们实现现代化的唯一目的,没有这第五个现代化,一切现代化不过是一 个新的诺言。

We need no Gods or emperors and we don’t believe in saviors of any kind…​ we do not want to serve as mere tools of dictators with personal ambitions for carrying out modernization. We want to modernize the lives of the people. Democracy, freedom, and happiness for all are our sole objectives.

Wei Jingsheng
Figure 183. A young Wei Jingsheng (魏京生, 1950-) side by side with an image of the Xidan Democracy Wall (西单民主墙, 1978-1979). Jinsheng image source: The Gate of Heavenly Peace (1995, 天安门纪录片) 19:09. At https://twitter.com/WEI_JINGSHENG/status/1521873937851990017 Jingsheng mentions that this image is from Qinhai Laogai (劳改) in 1985. The original photo was in Jingsheng’s sister’s possession, there are apparently no known uploads of it. Xidan Wall image source. He actually followed Ciro on Twitter some time after this interactiono. What a legend! https://archive.ph/wip/se0uw