5.16.4. Western companies that comply with Chinese censorship requests (遵守中国审查要求的西方公司)

Western governments should prevent companies from complying to Chinese censorship requests, or at least impose fines and sanctions on them.

Citizens should boycott such companies and require them to be punished.

Some well known companies and events:

Brand censorship chart
Figure 68. 2019 summary of companies that kowtow to China. Source.
Xi bat
Figure 69. Rebel Pepper (变态辣椒, RFA cartoonist) 2019-10 carton showing several brands kowtowing to Xi Jinping (习近平, 2012-∞, Heil卐!), while South Park alone gives the middle finger. Source.
Xi Apple
Figure 70. Rebel Pepper (变态辣椒, RFA cartoonist) 2017-07 showing Xi Jinping (习近平, 2012-∞, Heil卐!) eating an Apple Inc. logo referring to the many events where Apple gave in to Chinese demands to have access to the Chinese market. Source.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4WBsahU3X4 Stephen Colbert comments in 2015 on how American films make a good image of China to be allowed in China by censors to increase sales.