5.16.3. What should Western countries do about China? (西方国家应该怎么对待中国?)

Force all their Western servers to accept TLS 1.3 ENSI connections only: TLS 1.3 ENSI.

Companies only care about money and have no long term view, the following must be imposed by governments on Western companies.

Serious sanctions must be pot on companies that sell sensitive things to dictatorships:

Related approaches taken by the CCP that should also be stopped dead by strict enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA):

Physical presence influence must be completely blocked, e.g. cultural centers that report directly to the CCP such as Confucius institute (孔子学院) and Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA, 中国学生学者联合会) must be banned.

News about Chinese state media using Western social media:

Accounts that are not labelled as being from the Chinese government, but which support the CCP, must be investigated to determine if they are actually funded by the Chinese government.

TODO what to do with websites of: Chinese government media (中国政府媒体)? Blocking them has the downsides that:

  • it would be harder to monitor what crazy shit the commies are doing

  • those censorship mechanisms could be reused to block good websites by Western governments that are becoming Evil

Let’s just leave them up to start with, who gives a fuck about them? :-) If they are getting too many page views, we can make search engines add the disclaimer too.

Chinese social media such as WeChat (微信, Weixin) and TikTok (Douyin, 抖音) must be banned. This is less serious than regular websites, because you can always repost on Western social media but without getting spied on:

Whenever China kicks out a western journalist who is in China and reports there, the Western country must do the same and kick out a Chinese journalists for a Chinese media.

An upside of restricting Chinese servies is that it would hugely bolster Censorship circumvention (翻墙, 科学上网) technologies, as every Chinese expat would need to buy a VPN.

Western governments must identify raw material dependencies on China, and reduce them, while at the same time forbidding technology transfer to China. China has been trading cheap resources for technology, and we must stop that now.

Unfair Chinese commercial practices must be reciprocated. Chinese companies should be forced to open joint ventures to operate outside of China, which is a trick China uses to control profits and more easily steal IP from Western companies:

Sanctions must be imposed directly on Chinese officials. They must not be allowed to "escape to a better life or have investments in the West":

Xi pole
Figure 66. Rebel Pepper (变态辣椒, RFA cartoonist) 2016-09-07 cartoon entitled "宽衣撒币" depicting Xi Jinping (习近平, 2012-∞, Heil卐!) as a pole dancer and throwing money at other world leaders during the 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit is a reference to how China buys political influence in other countries by promising profitable trade deals with those countries. Source.