5.1. Why attack websites with censored keywords? (用审查词攻击网站有什么用呢?)

This would then end Censorship (审查).

And then Ciro believes that this would also end the dictatorship.

The keyword attacks increase the cost of censorship.

If commies censor things, they will get worse IT technology, and thus become less rich and militarily powerful.

Since all they care about, like any other politicians, is power, the only way to make them stop censorship is to make the cost of censorship higher than not censoring.

Without the threat that China will be less technologically, and therefore militarily advanced, there is no incentive for the CCP to destroy the firewall.

The goal is to put them in a position where they have to choose between either:

but not both, since having both means that they will start WW3 and destroy humanity.

And if they decide to destroy the dictatorship, Ciro wants to help China become the most awesome country on Earth.

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