14.1.1. Xi Jinping abolishes term limits (习近平取消国家主席任期限制, 2018-03)

Xi sleep Mao
Figure 151. Rebel Pepper (变态辣椒, RFA cartoonist) cartoon showing Xi Jinping preparing to sleep in Mao Zedong’s tomb, meaning that Xi also wants to reach Mao’s "eternal ruler" status when he abolished term limits in 2018. Source.
Mao coffin
Figure 152. 1977 photo showing Mao’s actual glass tomb during his funeral, with famous politicians in the background. It is interesting to see that Mao features on the "Fandom Mummipedia Wiki". Source.
Lets party like its 1793
Figure 153. The Economist "Let’s party like it’s 1793" cover from May 4th – 10th 2013 depicting a painting of Xi Jinping dressed as emperor of China. The famous Qianlong Emperor was in power at that time. The title is likely a joke based on the more well known "Let’s party like it’s 1969" due to the legendary Woodstock festival. Party is also a play on words between the Communist Party and a night party. TODO why 1793 specifically shows another one from Sep 28, 2020 by French Magazine l’Obs entitled "L’Éternel Empire" (The Eternal Empire), using a similar picture to: Ciro Santilli as Qing Emperor. https://www.cafeyn.co/uk/publication/l-obs-hors-serie/21640297 Source.