14.5.1. Xidan Democracy Wall (西单民主墙, 1978-1979)

https://youtu.be/846AtqraCYg?t=799 suggests that Deng Xiaoping (邓小平, 1982-1987) initially encouraged it after during/after killing the Gang of Four.

But then, obviously, people started denouncing corruption in his government, and so Deng made it stop.

The documentary also mentions Wei Jingsheng (魏京生, 1950-) who was a notorious contributor who asked for democracy.

Xidan wall appears on The Gate of Heavenly Peace (1995, 天安门纪录片) at around 19:00.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=40PxfKWgBmY China: Democracy Wall Beijing Dec 1978 video only. This is one of the many footage available of the wall.