7.2. Xinjiang (新疆)


Terrorist attacks done by Xinjiang separatists:

Notable terrorist attacks:


Xinjiang camp in camp
Figure 92. Rebel Pepper 2017-04 cartoon showing that Xinjiang is like a prison inside a greater prison, which is China itself. Chinese characters read: 新疆(Xinjiang) and 中国(China). TODO source.
Xinjiang chained butcher knives
Figure 93. Uyghur butcher with chained knives in Xinjiang (2021). Knives at shops in Xinjiang have to remain chained, and each blade is tracked with a QR code. A Zhihu (知乎, censored Quora clone, 审查 Quora 克隆) question about it https://www.zhihu.com/question/294738809: 为什么菜刀要用铁链子栓起来? 来乌市快有一个月啦,我很好奇为什么所有的店里都要用铁链子把菜刀栓起来? (Why are kitchen knifes tied up with an iron chain? It’s been almost a month since I came to Urumqi [capital of Xinjiang]? I am curious why all the shops have to tie up kitchen knives with iron chains?). Source.
CCP terrorism Taliban vs Chinese citizens
Figure 94. The CCP accuses and punishes its own citizens of terrorism, while at the same time it supports terrorist friendly regimes like the Taliban, referring to simultaneous events of 2021. Source.