4.5. Zhao Heming (召赫名)

A few accounts were created by this pseudonym, e.g.:

Much more sanely encoded/formatted/rendered versions of the articles can be found at:

Both Zhao Heming repos contain reproductions of two manifestos are pasted together on a single file, and somewhat broken encoding.

Ciro noticed that thoe repos attracted an incredible ammount of Wumao (五毛) on the comments, despite having very simple copy pasted content, it was very impressive!!! Ciro was jealous, and added some anti-wumao comments in. On commits:

https://github.com/zhaohmng/-21-/issues/416#issuecomment-784939665 "为什么这个屎一样的东西会出现在我个人主页左侧的repositories中,那里不是应该只有自己的项目才会出现吗?有办法屏蔽它吗?还是github故意的?" explains why so many people come comment in the repository: it is because it appears on the "Explore repositories" repository suggestions which show on the side bar of your GitHub homepage, and on searches. This was also mentioned at: https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/issues/201 originally titled " 一搜索中文就跑出这屌鬼玩意,爱玩政治去竞选总统啊,笨,死扑街". Ciro feels that that Chinese people might use GitHub search much more than Western people because their search engines are shit due to Censorship (审查), Censorship makes countries poorer (审查使国家更穷) comes vibrantly to mind.

After further inspection, taught understood that repository descriptions given to GitHub can be really huge for SEO: they had pasted the entire 21st century text there.

So Ciro attempted the same approach, and pasted all of https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/blob/master/赫连禾-21世纪新政宣言.md, https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/blob/master/郝雪森-三朝罪恶元凶王沪宁.adoc and https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/blob/master/魏京生-第五个现代化.md in there on 2021-03-23, and the effect was dramatic: an immediate 4x more views on the following day according to https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/graphs/traffic (40 unique visitors to 100 on a Wednesday), and a few wumao comments. And a wumao soon confirmed that it was working directly: https://github.com/cirosantilli/china-dictatorship/issues/201.

Ciro believes that this is due to two reasons:

  • there aren’t so many good Chinese repositories to compete with

  • perhaps more importantly, Chinese language does not have spaces, which makes implementing search for it more difficult, because if you hit all the characters, even if they are not part of the search words, it also gets counted as a hit

This can be automated with: description.sh.

Further optimizations using description by using GitHub-Chinese-Top-Charts (GitHub中文排行榜):

git clone https://github.com/kon9chunkit/GitHub-Chinese-Top-Charts

this does some processing to increase density creates a BOMB:

As of late 2022, Ciro noticed that GitHub had limited maximum repository description lengths to something way way smaller like 512 characters. Ciro’s old descriptions were kept, but they cannot be edited anymore unless reduced to 512 characters. So they will likely remain unchanged forever now.

Ciro started using that one instead to see if it was going to be more effective on 2021-03-28. First it hit a peak of 168 visitors on Monday 2021-03-29, and then fell back to 90 and 81 on the following days, so similar to the previous Chinese political input. It is very hard to understand why the first day was so different.

It also includes:

  • https://github.com/trending?since=monthly&spoken_language_code=zh trending Chinese repositories

    A large part of those projects falls in the following categories:

    • interview preparation. Competition is of course cutthroat with such a large population.

    • collections of interesting things Chinese like repositories or blog posts

      but it also does feel like China might be building up more basic infrastructure as open source than in the west, where things developped closed source first on pre-Internet days, and somewhat stayed that way. That’s a cool thing about China.

Furthermore, Ciro later noticed that under GitHub’s settings, there is a "Preferred spoken language" box described as "We’ll use this language preference to filter the trending repository lists on Explore and our Trending Repositories page." Therefore, the secret to get lots of hits is to add Chinese programming keywords to the repository description string.

New issues:

On top commented/liked issues:

The first is "21世纪新政宣言" (New System Declaration for the 21st Century).

It proposes a peaceful reunification of China with Taiwan (Republic of China, 台湾, 中華民國) under their specified political system described in 12 paragraphs. This system is a reformed type of Western democracy, which the manifesto also criticize downsides of.

The manifesto is dated drafted 2019.8.6, and several versions have different update dates and revision numbers, e.g. our copy is dated 7th edition of 2020.6.19. TODO what is canonical?

The manifesto provides an email "wanghunn@gmx.com" for those who signed it to send the signed version to, and describes the author as male 70 years old Chinese person.

TODO what does: "起草人:赫连禾" mean?

The title presumably refers to Wang Huning (王沪宁).

Wikipedia mentions:

Wang is believed to have been one of the principal architects behind the official political ideologies of three paramount leaders: "Three Represents" by Jiang Zemin, the Scientific Development Concept by Hu Jintao, and the Chinese Dream and Xi Jinping Thought (习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想, 2017) of Xi Jinping.

so it must be about him.

The manifesto is divided into 23 numbered headers which appear to be independently published texts later collected. It is signed by 郝雪森 (Hao Xuesen) 2016-09-10. One of the sections gives the email: haoxuesen@gmx.com[].