Zhihu censorship of Hao Haidong (知乎审查郝海东)

Zhihu (知乎, censored Quora clone, 审查 Quora 克隆) (and the rest of the Chinese Internet) basically nuked a gazillion articles that mentioned him, including old ones that had nothing to do with his political views.

Ciro estimates that very likely thousands of Zhihu posts have been removed, as of 2020-06-14 the Google query "郝海东 site:zhihu.com" had 3,970 results, and every single on Ciro clicked had been taken down.

Not nuked yet as of 2020-06, but nuked after, with before-after archives:

Older archives that were nuked before Ciro managed to archive them on 2020-06-06:

Nuked as per Ciro’s eyewitness on 2020-06-06 without web archive, but could be found either on Google search or Zhihu search before those engines had properly cleared, taking Google caches and web archiving them + web archiving 404’s as of 2020-06-14:

Nuked answers:

Ye also nuked: