Answer to the Zhihu question "How do you evaluate Ted Chiang’s 'Evil Chinese Characters' essay?" "如何评价姜峯楠(Ted Chiang)在纽约客上的随笔《坏汉字》?"的回答

Contains reactions to the post: Evil Chinese Characters by Ted Chiang (坏汉字由Ted Chiang), and this answer says that even though Ciro Santilli is amazingly smart, he cannot be bothered to learn Chinese characters, quoting Ciro’s comments from: Does Ciro Santilli speak Chinese? (三西猴会说中文吗?).

This post was interesting because it happened after Ciro Santilli’s Zhihu purge 2019-11-03 (三西猴被知乎抹去), which indicates that Zhihu did not setup an automated "Ciro Santilli" filter.